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Reality Check for Everyday Living

Your floors run the gauntlet of everyday living. Our floors are made to take it.

Whether it’s muddy cleats post-practice, dropped dishes, inside puddles from outside pool parties, spills, splatters, scuffs - or the everyday what happened here? - our floors will stand up to almost anything. We also design with your treasured moments in mind, whether it’s baby steps, barefoot steps, birthday parties, the kitchen dance-off, family fun, wags, wiggles, woofs and the occasional water fight. Today, there are no limits. So, for all the usual suspects, you can be worry-free.

The Usual Suspects

  • beverage drops
  • ceiling drips
  • coffee conundrums
  • dishwater don’ts 
  • fishbowl flubs
  • laundry room crises pet bowl peeves
  • sink mishaps
  • soapy spills
  • spilled milk
  • sweet-tea sticky
  • what-happened-heres